Seniors and Gambling


Make the most of your retirement and balance gambling with other hobbies.

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Make the Most of Your Retirement.

Balance Gambling With Other Hobbies.

When you’re retired, gambling can be a fun, social activity. While most seniors find the right balance between gambling and other aspects of life, there are some factors that could increase the risk of developing a problem with gambling.

  • Increased leisure time in retirement, which could potentially lead you to gamble more than you intended.
  • The transition to a fixed retirement income, which can increase the impact of gambling losses.
  • Major life changes that could lead you to gamble to escape other problems.

Tips to Make Sure Gambling Is Always Fun

Enjoy other hobbies.
Whether it’s reading, golfing, or just taking some time away from the tables or slots, balance gambling with other hobbies.

Set a budget. 
Keep gambling fun by setting a budget. Make sure you’re never playing with more money than you can afford to lose.

Set a time limit.
It can be easy to lose track of time when gambling. So plan ahead, take breaks and set a time limit before you start gambling.

Talking to Seniors About Gambling

Do you know a senior you think might be at risk for having a gambling problem? Seniors may be developing a problem if they:

  • Start to spend more of their leisure time gambling
  • Lie about how much they’re gambling
  • Neglect other responsibilities and obligations
  • Ask to borrow money
  • Use gambling as an escape or distraction
  • Believe a big win is just around the corner

The best way to check in on the senior in your life is by opening a dialogue. Here are some tips to help start the conversation:

  • Seniors welcome direct communication. If you notice that a senior in your life is going to the casino more often, ask them why.
  • Try asking them what leisure activities they engage in. If gambling comes up, it provides an opportunity to talk further.
  • Many seniors are not aware of the resources available to them. Let them know that there’s a confidential, round-the-clock support available for them, should they need it.
  • A lot of gamblers misunderstand odds. Discuss the odds of the games they play. For more information about these games visit our Publications Library.


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