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Scratch & Win Tickets

Uncover the world of chance this holiday season, but remember that Scratch & Win tickets are not for kids!

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Scratch & Win games can make a perfect present for friends and family, especially around the holiday season. The tickets are easy to buy and simple to send, and they provide instant excitement as the receiver discovers if they won.


It's important to remember that Scratch & Win is a form of gambling, which means it’s not for kids.

GiftSmart this holiday season

Were you thinking of buying a Scratch & Win ticket for a kid? Here’s some alternative effortless gift ideas sure to bring joy this holiday season:

  • A subscription to a kid-friendly magazine
  • A Polaroid-style instant camera
  • A board game or card game
  • Retro activity toys like juggling balls, a Rubik’s cube or yo-yo
  • A jigsaw puzzle of a pet or a favourite photo
  • Mini LEGO kits, toy cars or dolls
  • A backpack or pencil case
  • A DIY dessert-making kit
  • Skipping rope, sidewalk chalk or bubbles 
  • A gift card to their favourite book store 


When celebrating the holidays or any other special occasion, please #giftsmart and remember that Scratch & Win, like all gambling products, are for adults 18 years of age and older — never for kids.



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