– Gamesense Awards Of Excellence –

An awards program that enables Alberta casino operators to demonstrate how they incorporate GameSense and responsible gambling into daily operations.

GameSense Awards of Excellence

The GameSense Awards of Excellence recognizes individual gaming staff for their contributions and efforts in support of responsible gambling programs. Entries may include information about customer interactions that encourage responsible play; customer assistance during times of distress or voluntary self-exclusion; and, individual achievement in building awareness, fostering understanding or motivating positive change in attitudes towards responsible gambling.

Nominate a Recipient Today

It’s easy and entries can be submitted at any time. Just write a short story about how you or a colleague has raised the bar in responsible gambling and submit it via email to GameSenseAB@aglc.ca. If your entry is a winner, you will receive recognition, a small prize and the admiration of all of your colleagues!



To be considered for an award, the submission can be from any employee of an Alberta casino. The submission can be self-nominated or nominated on behalf of an individual.

How to Prepare an Entry

Step 1:

Submit a written description of what makes the recipient eligible for an award. It doesn’t have to be long, in fact we’d like you to keep it under 750 words.

Step 2: 

Attach your Word Document or PDF to your email. In the email message, please include:

  • Title of your entry
  • Your name
  • The name of the nominee, if your submission is on behalf of a colleague.
  • Your contact details (phone number, email address)
  • Gaming Facility name

Step 3: 

Email GameSenseAB@aglc.ca

Tips on How to Prepare a Successful Entry

Be Descriptive

Create a concise description of the activities, programs and projects that relate to the award. Include:

  • Opportunity
  • Goals and objectives
  • Summary of what was done
  • Detail any challenges and how they were overcome
  • Tell us how you measured and evaluated your success, if applicable


Your submission must:

  • Be a maximum of 750 words
  • Contain all key points you want evaluated
  • Contain supporting materials, such as photos or collateral if available
  • Submit your entry via email to GameSenseAB@aglc.ca

Other terms and conditions:

  • Entries are not returned.
  • The prize must be accepted as awarded.
  • Awards will be given solely at the discretion of AGLC GameSense Awards of Excellence Judging Committee. All decisions are final.
  • By entering, you agree to allow AGLC the right to publish the entry contents, name, location and recent photograph of award recipients without remuneration.

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